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Alph Ghost: Artist Spotlight

June 17, 2011 marked an historical date for rapper Alph Ghost. The Manchester, New Jersey native found himself the center of attention at the infamous Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Greeted by inquisitive fans pondering over what songs he would perform, Ghost took a deep breath and began one of the most important shows of his career thus far.

It wasn’t always punch lines and metaphors for Alph Ghost. Nor was it developing song concepts and catchy hooks. Instead, Alph found himself navigating through Pro Tools engineering for other rap artists that he was affiliated with. But after years of editing the men behind the microphone, Alph decided to try a dose of role reversal. A decision that was ignited and inspired through pure ambition turned into a life change. No longer was Adrian going to be known as A the engineer, instead he began to brand himself as Alph Ghost the rapper. Alph referring to the first letter in the alphabet and his government name, while Ghost was a title inspired by his appreciation for rapper Styles P AKA “The Ghost”. Couple that with the characteristics of the paranormal family member Ghost, which signified that nobody in the game is seeing him, “nobody can see me, I’m number one”. Being a member of ATM and founder of his own team Ghost Squad, AG had developed the morale support that would act as his spinal chord through his Hip Hop endeavors. The migration from engineer to spitter may have made The Gold Rush look like a field trip, but it is a challenge that Alph has embraced.

Real life had set in for AG and it was just the motivation he needed to turn his rap career up. While some up and coming artists don’t have their priorities straight and are remiss in their responsibilities, AG has strategically used them to push him harder. In terms of rapping or a music career in general despite the genre, for lack of a better explanation AG started a little late. Now age 24, Ghost has been rapping for two years and refuses to allow his tardiness to be a hindrance to his future in the game. So now its work and music everyday, the studio has virtually become his second home and Ghost would not rather it any other way. “I do this cuz it feels like this is what I’m suppose to do, like I was put here to do it”. From creating tracks about the streets for the hustlers to talking smooth to the ladies; Alph is attempting to ride across all avenues with his songs. “I try to relate to everybody from the streets to the females. Everything I spit is 100, I keep it 100 with everyone”. Knee deep in the game, AG is on his third mixtape and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. The release of his third mixtape Industry Breakdown on June 1 sparked his inevitable appearance at the Stone Pony opening up the show for MMG’s Meek Mill.

The show was AG’s way of enjoying the fruits of his labor, while acting as an indication of how in just two years his career has improved. The forum was not what AG had grown accustom to over his two year tenure in the game. Although the soul of his performance had grown numb to the same aura and vibe that the majority of his venues offered, the Stone Pony was a completely different experience. “It felt a little more professional, it was a better look. I looked at the footage and it made me feel like I was doing bigger things; the Stony Pony is a classic place”. Snap back to the side, Alph pounced on the stage rocking out to his own remixes of “9 Piece”, “Moment 4 Life”, and “Up All Night”. After hyping the crowd with notable industry records, Ghost reverted back to his newest project performing “Where You Wanna Go” with Haze, “You Are It” and “Work” feat. Rodamezz. “I want the crowd to see that I’m hungry, comfortable, and I want them to interact. I want to set a standard for a good show”.

Though the show acted as a major step for Alph, he has not designated that as the pinnacle part of his career. The grind didn’t stop at the Stone Pony for AG, but his show has become the ember in his flaming hustle. Fans can expect to catch Alph Ghost shows in Seaside Heights, Neptune, and other locations across Jersey. Industry Breakdown continues to get downloads on DatPiff and is the preamble to his album entitled The Hottest Unsigned, which is set to drop at the end of the summer; with all that in his line up Alph may be one Ghost that people won’t regret checking out. – Shah A.

S/O TO: Garden State Hip-Hop


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